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About our company

Starcki Venture Corporation (SVC) is a 96% Filipino-owned corporation, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 13, 1999. The corporation engages in both local and international deep-sea fishing expeditions. Its fishing operations mainly take place in General Santos City, which is famous for its diverse and bountiful marine life.

Presently, the company has obtained license to operate in the waters of Papua New Guinea, and one of its large vessels, F/V Treska, had just departed from General Santos City for a nine-month fishing voyage in international waters.

It is also interesting to note that SVC is best known for its supply of tuna, among other fishes. In fact, SVC supplies tuna to a number of canneries in General Santos City, as well as a wide network of buyers who sell to third parties and markets.

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Who we are

Starcki Venture Corporation is a 96% Filipino-owned corporation based in General Santos City, with its head office located in Bacolod City. We are engaged in the business of deep-sea fishing both in local and international waters. Our catch mainly consists of tuna and a variety of other fishes.

What we do

We own, manage and operate fishing vessels used to catch various kinds of fishes, then sell the same to interested buyers in the Philippines like large canneries.

How we do it

We sell our fresh catch in auctions where buyers and brokers exchange and compare bids. Prices vary according to the kind and quality of fish, and consequently the highest bidder wins. The wide network of buyers, with whom we work with on a daily basis inspires us to respond quickly, efficiently and on schedule to meet their needs.



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Scientific name: Thunnus albacares |

Local name: Carao

Yellowfin tunas are probably the most well-known among all the tunas. They are highly migratory, torpedo-shaped fishes found throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Yellowfins could reach up to 7 feet in length and could weigh up to 450 pounds, or roughly 204 kilograms. True to their name, they are distinguished from other tunas by their long, bright yellow dorsal fin, yellow sides, silver bellies and dark metallic blue backs.

Scientific name: Katsuwonus pelamis |

Local name: Sambagon

Skipjack tunas are the smallest and most abundant of the major commercial tuna species. It got its name because it likes to skip and jump across the surface of the ocean. They have a torpedo-shaped body that is mostly without scales. They are also migratory and are widespread throughout tropical waters like the Pacific. Skipjacks have dark purple-blue backs and silver bellies with prominent 3-5 dark bands running along the length of their lower sides. They are on the small side in the tuna family, growing no more than 3 feet long and weighing less than 30 kilograms. These fishes are typically canned and are also called “striped tuna”, “oceanic bonito” and “chunk light tuna”.

Scientific name: Thunnus obesus |

no local name

Bigeye tunas are very popular in the Western Pacific. They have long, streamlined bodies, ranging from 5.5 to 7.5 feet in length, and could weigh as much as 460 pounds or 210 kilograms. They are often confused with yellowfin tuna, but the bigeye tuna has less yellow on its side and a darker blue across its top. What sets it apart from the yellowfin tuna is its distinctly larger eyes and black-edged finlets.

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